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We offer the latest technology in trading platforms. Discover the benefits of the best trading platform in the market and let them work for you!

Mobile trading

Don’t get caught in front of your computer! We put all the markets in your pocket. Trade from any smartphone or tablet!

Licensed broker

We hold a full license to provide Financial Investment Services. This implies strict regulation, monitoring of all our operations and your safety.

Segregated accounts

Your funds are safe with us. All our customers’ funds are safe and completely separated from the company’s funds.


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

We measure success in the satisfaction of our customers. Our management team comes from key players in the investment field. We understand and constantly strive to satisfy our clients’ needs. We always look up and will always encourage you to do the same.




– 1998, The beginning

Most of our management team started up in 1998 as traders, dealers or brokers. They quickly became passionate about their work and followed bigger and bigger players on their career paths.

For 10 years of intensive work, experience and excellent results, an elite group was naturally created. The need for a new approach in the business was growing every day.

– 2008, Going on our own

During historical times, when crisis hit, aware of the common mistakes that the big players were making, we decided to put our institutional experience and dedication in the service of retail customers.

We decided to leave corporations and become entrepreneurs. We kept our values, experience, discipline and business ethics and started to offer them to retail investors. We proved to ourselves and to our customers that crisis was just a state of mind.

– 2014, We go Global!

We grew beyond our expectations. We developed business and products that served our customers better than they were doing when we were part of big organizations.
The fast increasing international demand for our services convinced us to open our gates globally.

The future awaits…


Fast markets →
Research →
Custom products →
Coaching →
Support →
Safe environment →
No discrimination →
  • Fast markets

    Our retail customers get the fastest prices that institutional clients usually get. You can benefit from prices that most of the retail investors don’t see with other brokers.

  • Research

    We never rely on existent technology solely. We create and improve systems both in IT and finance to better benefit our customers.

  • Custom products

    We developed and will continue to develop proprietary instruments and tools that our clients benefit from. All of them intended for a better understanding and control of the market.

  • Coaching

    We know each customer is different. That’s why we will guide you through independently no matter what your starting point is or what you want to achieve.

  • Support

    We are here for you 24/5 no matter what you need.

  • Safe environment

    Your funds are segregated from the company’s funds and are never used for operational purposes. The funds are reported to the financial authority on a regular basis and are protected by the Investor Compensation Scheme.

  • No discrimination

    Each client is important to us. We never treat a client based on the business he brings. We succeeded in retail because of this.

Internal news

Dear clients, Tonight we will rollover the existing positions opened on COFFEE, OIL and TNOTE10Y…

Dear clients, Tonight we will rollover the existing positions opened on COFFEE, OIL and TNOTE10Y…

Dear clients, Tonight we will rollover the existing positions opened on DE.30 and LUMBER contracts….

Dear clients, Tonight we will rollover the existing positions opened on DE.30 and LUMBER contracts….


Summary Looking at the graph you will be able to see that last two months…

As you can clearly see at 4 hour chart below USDJPY is trading in range…

EUR/USD holders last two weeks either burnt or they are still counting their profits. Announcements…

China’s trade balance remain weak in November, spurring more concerns over the second largest world…

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